Why a Cotton Gauze Dress Is the Perfect Alternative to Linen


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Two of the most popular materials for keeping cool in hot weather are cotton and linen. They both function fantastically at keeping you cool in tropical climates. But a particular type of cotton can be a great alternative to more expensive linen apparel. Cotton gauze is a particular type of lightweight, breathable cotton that we typically associate with medical purposes. The fabric can however make a great cotton gauze dress, top or bottom!

We are going to look at what cotton gauze apparel is like, how it compares to linen, some common styles of cotton gauze apparel, and why you should consider cotton gauze over other options when shopping for you next holiday vacation.

Cotton gauze is one of our favorite fabrics to work with, and we think after learning more it will be one of your favorite pieces of clothing to shop for!


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How Cotton Gauze Dresses Compare to Linen Dresses

Cotton and linen fabrics have many different characteristics as well as similarities. The biggest similarity is the breathability. Both are extremely breathable – but for very different reasons. Gauze uses a light weave during the making of the fabric to allow air to flow through the material easily. Linen is made from flax which is hollow and allows air and water to easily circulate.

Both are also hypoallergenic and absorbent. The looser weaves of gauze and linen make them both less likely to trap dust. They also absorb water, with cotton gauze able to absorb slightly more of its weight than linen can.

One of the biggest differences between the two is the texture and softness. Cotton gauze is both a softer and smoother fabric than flax linen is. This is mainly due to the roughness of flax linen fibers which can soften over time, but are nowhere near as soft as cotton right out of the box.

Another big difference is the durability and appearance of the two fabrics. Gauze is more flexible and can stretch significantly more than linen. However, linen is the more durable fabric because the fibers are more tightly wrapped than that of cotton fibers. Because of the toughness and durability of linen, it is also more susceptible to appearing more wrinkle than cotton.

While cotton gauze is one of the lightest and most breathable fabrics, it also can help retain heat better than linen fabrics can. This means that you can get more use out of cotton gauze dresses or clothing than you would from flax linen clothing.


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What Is a Cotton Gauze Dress or Top Like

Gauze dresses and clothing are made from thin fabrics that are loosely woven. Gauze is most often used for women’s clothing rather than men’s apparel. Most people will associate gauze with medical gauze, which is similar. However, the gauze used for clothing and apparel is a tighter weave and often folder over to make double gauze fabric.

Clothing made from gauze fabric is usually found in hotter climates because of its breathability. The thinness of the fabric makes it comfortable in the hottest weather which is ideal for travel, vacation or living in more tropical climates.

Cotton gauze can be used by itself, but you may be surprised to find that cotton gauze is frequently sewn with other fabrics as well. Cotton skirts for example may frequently be sewn with polyester or silk lining to make the soft gauze more usable in cooler climates.

Gauze clothing can come in both solid and patterned designs and are sometimes embroidered to give the clothing more style. Common examples of this would be Guayabera shirts in the Caribbean and Mexico, and women’s ethnic blouses or puffed shirt sleeves.


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Common Styles of Gauze Dresses and Clothing

As I mentioned before, gauze can be found in a variety of different clothing – particularly in warmer, tropical clients. Guayabera is an open-necked men’s shirt that is typically used in Mexico, Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean – and is frequently made with gauze as well as other fabrics like silk. This is one of the most known uses of gauze.

However, it is more frequently used in women’s apparel than men. Peasant blouses and peasant skirts are often made with gauze. The lightweight material makes it easy to create the puffy sleeves in the blouses and the long flowy look of peasant skirts.

Women’s tunics are also frequently made from cotton gauze fabrics. The lightweight fabric falls easily and can create a flattering look for many different body types. Pants for tropical climates for both men and women are also made with cotton gauze to improve the air circulation and breathability – allowing the wearer to stay cool.

One of our favorite uses of the fabric is to make a cotton gauze dress for beaches, pools, and resorts. The breathability again is a big factor, but the flexibility and stretch of the fabric is also ideal for sitting, walking, or laying around when not in the water. Gauze’s softness also makes it extremely comfortable to wear for extend periods of time without becoming irritating.



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Why You Should Consider Cotton Gauze Dresses and Clothing

By now you should have good understanding of what gauze is like, how it compares to linen fabric and what types of clothes are typically made from it. But you still may be on the fence of whether cotton gauze is right for you. The answer will typically come down to your lifestyle more than anything.

Gauze is great for women who love to be outside in the sun, and especially love spending lots of time at the beach, pool or tend to vacation at resorts. The flexibility and stretch of the cotton fabric will help prevent damage from sitting, laying down, or walking around. The lightness and breathability also make the fresh ocean breeze incredible pleasant.

Clothing, no matter what type, is also more likely to get damaged in those types of environments – especially with exposure to salt water or pool chemicals. Cotton clothing is significantly cheaper than linen, so for more active or beach lifestyles gauze will probably make more economical sense compared to how long the fabric will last.

A cotton gauze dress to me is always the right choice for hot weather because of the weight, flow, and movement of the fabric in the breeze. It may be time for you to consider getting cotton gauze dresses and clothing for you next trip to the beach or vacation to the Caribbean!


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