Maxi Skirts: What are they, How to Wear them, How to Style Them

Maxi Skirts: What are they, How to Wear them, How to Style Them

Woman walking with maxi skirt

A timeless piece in any boho chic outfit are Maxi skirts. The skirt quite literally has its roots as far back as the 16th century – showing that it has served women of many different generations for a long time. We personally love the maxi skirt for its multi-use functions, ease to style, and for how comfortable they are to wear. A Maxi skirt also is a foundational piece in bohemian style and commonly found in the wardrobes of every boho-chic woman!

We are going to look at what a maxi skirt is, how to wear the skirt properly, and how to style it to give you the chic, functional look you want.

What is a Maxi Skirt?

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They are typically flowy, billowing skirts that suit the feminine silhouette while also being practical and very comfortable. The skirts can be worn in very casual style or can be dressed up for different occasions. These types of skirts usually come in 3 different lengths – above the ankle, ankle height, or below the ankle.

variety of fabrics

The skirts also commonly come in a variety of colors, patterns, or prints which makes is the perfect piece for any boho chic outfit. The flow of the skirt could be more form-fitting or flowy depending on the look you want to go for. This also allows maxi skirts to be extremely flattering to any female body type.

We’ve mentioned functionality a few times here – but we keep reiterating because it is so true. Long maxi skirts can help keep you warm in the winter without having to dress up in pants, leggings, or other bottoms. Using a more breathable maxi skirt, like one made from cotton or linen, can also keep you cool in the summer and protected from the sun.

17th century clothing

Not surprisingly, this type of skirt originates from centuries ago – far before it was popular to wear shorter skirts. In the 16th and 17th century long, wide skirts were very fashionable. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it became more popular to wear underskirts underneath a dress to give more fullness to the shape.

It wasn’t until the early 20th century that we have the maxi skirt in its current form. Paul Poiret designed clothing that was more natural on the female form instead of trying to exaggerate certain aspects like previous generations. In the later 20th century is when the flowy skirt that we know today started to gain popularity - and we haven’t looked back since!

How to Style a Maxi Skirt

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It is quite easy to style a maxi skirt because of how flexible it is. The skirt will end up being the focal point of the outfit – so that is the logical starting point. You can choose from slim maxi skirts to wider ones, skirts that have more vibrant patterns or skirts that are solid colors, and obviously the length of the skirt that you want to wear.


woman with maxi skirt and white blouse

There are a few things to consider when choosing a top to go with your outfit. If you’re going for a boho look, you may want to additional patterns or colors that will create that chic style. But in general, there are a few rules you want to follow:

  • Don’t wear long and loose shirts – the maxi skirt is already loose fitting so something with more form is appropriate
  • The top can’t go past the waist – the waistline is what helps give shape to the skirt so covering it defeats the purpose. Also consider tucking in your shirt
  • Consider adding a belt – you don’t need a belt with every top, but it does help define the waist better and gives a break between the silhouette of the skirt and top.


different style of shoes

There are almost an unlimited number of options that you can choose for shoes. Wearing flats, sandals or even sneakers are very common – and work well with any skirt. The main thing that will depend on what footwear you choose is the time of the season. You can go extremely cause like sneakers to go with a t-shirt or more stylish with brown or black heeled boots with a form-fitting blouse to create a more dressed up look.


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Jackets, sweaters, or other types of outerwear also pair extremely well with a maxi skirt. A simple denim jacket can is one way that you can layer with a skirt, and still give that boho chic style that you are looking for. Sweaters can also work depending on the time of the season – however they will typically break the “can’t go past the waist rule,” but if it’s a question of comfort in cold weather we believe you do what suits you best!

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt in Different Seasons

winter outfit with a maxi skirt

The year-round usability of Maxi skirts means that there are ways you can wear and style them for every season of the year. For warmer, summer months you can stick to the basics. A breathable skirt, sandals or sneakers, and a lightweight top like a t-shirt or blouse are all you need to create the perfect summer look. Outwear probably won’t be needed, but for cooler evening maybe consider a lightweight denim jacket.

A good combination for the winter is a thicker material skirt, long-sleeve top or sweater, boots, or booties, and outwear like a warm jacket. If you are particularly sensitive to the cold weather, you could even wear leggings underneath the skirt as no one will really know! You can also accessorize to keep yourself warm and stylish with scarves, gloves, or a hat.

In between the summer and winter months, you have a ton of different options depending on whether you prefer to be cooler or warmer. The maxi skirt is of course the mainstay – but incorporating elements from both the winter and summer styles works perfectly. Sneakers, flats, or booties are good footwear options. For a top, you could wear a blouse, t-shirt, or crewneck sweater. A lighter weight jacket can also help keep you a bit warmer if you need it.

Making the Style Work for You

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The one common theme that you should take away about Maxi skirts is that they the perfect clothing piece year-round. Functionality, comfortability, and flexibility is the idea when it comes to dressing with a maxi skirt. The tips above for different styling ideas, and outfits for different times of the year should be a great starting point for you to build your wardrobe or outfit – and give you the chic look you are going for.