We are a bohemian fashion and textile art studio, we are dedicated to creating pieces that can generate feelings of comfort, so that you can express your maximum beauty.

We exist for the sole purpose of making everything moment, you can dress, feel and enjoy your freedom, just like the wind does.

Our creations are unique pieces, they all tell a story, that is why each one is created exclusively for the woman who identifies with any of our dresses.

"That dress for that woman and that woman for that dress"


Our History

A life, a journey, a purpose ... A beautiful story, which began long before I came into the world; It is a family legacy, which has marked the course of my entire journey.

I grew up in a multicultural environment, in which I learned and matured, however, I was not aware that this purpose existed in me, I simply knew that I was on a trip, surrounded by an extraordinary family, full of design, art and colors, walking freely, in a constant search for unforgettable experiences, experiences that taught me to see life in a different way.

Throughout this wonderful journey, I have come to understand that freedom is a fundamental part of happiness and that a free woman is like the wind, she goes from here to there, without anyone stopping her, she is fully capable of expressing herself in everything. moment, his beauty, his power, his true feelings, emotions and his love for life; This is the inspiration that motivated me to create a bohemian fashion and textile art studio.

This is the story of Ventulino, a wonderful project with which I wish to inspire women to express what makes them unique and free; This is the beginning of this story and I am sure it is just beginning.

Ventulino offers a timeless fashion style, comfortable and artistic; each piece is designed in detail, with a purpose and a story behind, for that reason, all our creations they are special and unique… well, you are too.