These Plus Size Boho Tops Are A Must for Curvy Woman

These Plus Size Boho Tops Are A Must for Curvy Woman

curvy woman taking the soon in the pool

"Boho" is an abbreviation for "bohemian," and it's commonly used to define fashions that are based on earth tones and have flowing shapes. 

Bohemian clothes transport us. Not in an outlandish way, but in the sense that by wearing such frilly airy frocks and loose paisley printed tops, we are instantaneously transported to a better world. Somewhere warm, beachy, and colorful, yet also soothing. 

Defining your style is difficult, and while you can always ask friends how they'd characterize your style, it's a good idea to conduct some introspection, observe what look strikes your eye, and allow your style to evolve as you do.

We are going to talk about plus size boho tops that are must-haves for curvy women.

Plus Size Boho Tops

If you are tall and skinny, it is simpler to pull off the hippy look. However, nobody said a curvy woman couldn't pull off the look as well. Plus size fashion has made its way into practically every trend. The plus size boho tops listed here are must-haves:

#1 Smocked Shirt

top crop with high weist jeans


We feel that getting yourself a shirred or smocked crop top is a timeless fashion statement. It looks great with high-waisted denim shorts, a flowing skirt, or boyfriend jeans. To finish off this beautiful, casual look, add sandals and a delicate necklace. 

The smocked floral pattern shirt is arguably the best bohemian blouse for voluptuous women. The smocked shirt looks great with whatever pants you currently have in your closet.

#2 Kimono Boho Tops

woman wearing a kimono

Curvy ladies look best in fluid and straight shapes. The kimono jacket is an essential element of boho fashion. 

Because of its unique style, botanical designs, and flowing shape, this clothing of Asian origin fits amazingly well in the bohemian aesthetic. 

Furthermore, it is a light and comfy item made of high-quality fabric, such as silk, linen, or cotton. 

The Kimono, whether long or short, complements numerous boho style clothes to produce that perfect hippy chic look. Furthermore, the Kimono will generate vertical lines on your body, making you appear thinner. 

In comparison kimonos (or cardigans) that have those extra-large sleeves can make little arms look shorter. Be wary of them!

#3 Peasant Top

loose fit blouse

Everything about peasant blouses screams ease of wear. They're flowy all around, including the sleeves, and flatter all body shapes. 

There are several designs to pick from, ranging from pristine white to chaotic bohemian. Because of their versatility, these blouses may effortlessly conceal frequent problem areas. 

Large, vivid prints elongate the body. Choose little paisley, liberty, flowers, or Aztec patterns, but also animal prints worn in a bohemian style, such as leopard or snake. Small and detailed motifs complement the curved form.

#4 Embroidered Prairie Tops


white blouse with embroidered details

Choose embroidered prairie tops with a loose or relaxed fit. If you have large arms, bell, trumpet, and bishop sleeves are ideal. These assist in concealing extra fat on the arms. Sleeves that are half-length or three-quarter length are good since they make your hands appear longer. 

V necklines and off-shoulder cuts add a bohemian touch to any ensemble while slimming the upper body and creating a slender shape. 

Choose a flowy fabric that is free of bulk. Embroideries are always fashionable. Tops with modest and understated embroidering will flatter curvy figures.

Understanding The ABCs Of Bohemian Style

The word "Bohemian" refers to persons who lead an unorthodox lifestyle, generally with few permanent ties, and who pursue musical, artistic, or literary endeavors. The first "Bohemians" were either travelers or refugees from Central Europe. 

Bohemian fashion has a diverse variety of forms and cuts, as well as distinct materials, patterns, and methods. 

In general, bohemian designs come in naturally occurring colors, designs influenced by art and rustic themes, as well as a profusion of ethnic, folk, and floral motifs. 

Styling Tips To Remember

Here is a small list of styling tips to help you stand out with Boho tops:

  • Aim for a highly artisanal aesthetic, whether it's achieved through overall styling, clothing pieces, or accessories.
  • Everything is bejeweled! And it doesn't mean diamonds, glitter, or shine. Boho style is extravagant in its way, so use embroideries, gem appliques, beaded embellishments, and studs in your garments, in addition to the previously stated ornate trimmings.
  • Avoid seeming too immaculate - if there is one law to boho style, it is that crisp, clean appearances are not it. When embracing the bohemian style, there's no need to press your shirt to perfection or go out and get all new clothes. 
  • Always, always, always accessorize. When opting for the effortlessly cool boho aesthetic, there's no limit to how many accessories and jewelry items you can wear.
  • Go 'jewelry shopping' in grandma's antique jewelry box. And, while you're at it, plunder her closet for some real and extremely precious vintage finds.
  • Ditch the artificial colors, neons, and overly saturated tones in favor of subdued, neutral, or rich colors with a nostalgic feel.
  • When shopping for boho items, one basic guideline applies in 99% of cases: the more structured an item is, the less likely it is to be bohemian - and this applies to both apparel and handbags.
  • When in doubt, pile on the layers. Nothing says bohemian more than stackable rings on your fingers, many turquoise bracelets, an enormous scarf over your maxi dress, a kimono over your shirt, or layered necklaces.

Wrap Up

Bohemian fashion is more than just a fad, and it's more than just a trend. It's a way of life, replete with a very recognizable and equally creative way of dressing. 

Bohemian style, as a style where the most eclectic blend of patterns and materials meet, is not only a depiction of a diverse range of cultures throughout the world but also a fusion of many classic fashion periods. 

The number of elegant plus size boho tops available out there can be utterly overwhelming. However, Boho style is all about having a good time. So let go of your inhibitions and have fun shopping and styling!