Vacation in Tulum: Tulum Dresses and Outfits to Pack

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One of the hottest places to hit on vacation right now is Tulum! The beach oasis on the Riviera Maya has a little bit of everything; from a beachy paradise feel to a nightlife packed for partying. But if you are planning on heading on your next vacation to Tulum, how do you know what to bring? We know exactly the Tulum dresses, tops and clothing you need for your next vacation.

But to understand what to pack, let’s look at what the weather is like, the activities you might be doing and how you will be getting around Tulum!

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Outfits for Tulum: What the Weather Like?

The weather in Tulum can vary throughout the year – which means that you need to have the right outfit depending on when you plan to go. November through April is generally the best – with the least amount of rain, warm weather during the day and sometimes cooler nights. From May to October, you can expect more rain, humidity, and hot weather – with May and August typically being the hottest months.

The right clothes for Tulum will also vary then subject to when your trip is planned for. In the hotter period, using Tulum style dresses made from lighter fabrics like linen or cotton gauze will keep you cooler. The humidity can be strong during this time of the year so having something breathable is extremely important.

In the more moderate months, you can get by with normal cotton dresses or tops, but linen and cotton gauze are still popular both because of the Tulum style and because some days can be warmer than others.

Beachwear is something that works year-round in Tulum – but you do need some more classy outfits for Tulum to check out the best restaurants and clubs.

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Getting Around Tulum and Being Comfortable

There are really two different areas of Tulum – the town and the beachfront. Walking around in either area is typically the bets way to get around but walking between them is a bigger challenge. You can easily get a taxi to go back and forth though for around 100 pesos or less (about $5 USD).

But be prepared to walk once you arrive where you are going. The beach is long and full of different restaurants, clubs, resorts, and shops that you will want to check out. Being comfortable with your clothing choice is what you should focus on. That’s why Tulum dresses and clothing are again usually made from lightweight fabrics.

Loose fitting tops and dresses are your best options for walking around in Tulum. They can keep you cool while you are exploring the jungle or the beach and keep you looking stylish. Another common type of Tulum clothing is UV protective apparel. The sun in Mexico, and especially Tulum is very strong during the summer months – but can still cause damage to fairer skin in the winter. Covering up to protect yourself from unnecessary UV may be almost as important as looking good for some travelers!

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Activities and Nightlife in Tulum and How to Look Your Best

The Riviera Maya is packed with different activities and clubs that can keep that party going all night long. That’s why you need to pack for all different types of events – or try to use clothing that can serve more than one purpose! Packing multiple suitcases isn’t always an option so you need to make the most out of your checked bag and carry-on.

During the day, you could be swimming, ATVing, zip-lining, exploring Mayan ruins, kayaking through Sian Ka’an, diving in cenotes, scuba diving at one of the many world-class diving sites, partying at one of the many day clubs or just relaxing at the beach. Whatever activities you enjoy, you can pretty much find. That’s way it is always smart to pack activewear, bathing suits and other athletic or leisure clothing that you may need. But multi-use beach clothing and dresses are also important!

The night activities are almost as numerous as the day ones! At least from the partying sense! Your typical night will probably involve dinner at one of the amazing restaurants along the beach, possibly followed by cocktails from one of the mixologists or hitting up a night club.

You can’t really go wrong with Tulum style dresses, like long, flowy boho styles.  A good dress will keep you comfortable and looking the part no matter what aspects of Tulum nightlife you choose to enjoy!

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Tulum Dresses and Beachwear to Consider

As we said before, Boho or Tulum style clothing is one of the main things that you will need for dining and partying. Selecting clothing made from lightweight material like linen and cotton gauze will be the best way to keep yourself from overheating. Some of our favorite places to look for inspiration is Pintrest and Etsy if you aren’t sure what type of clothing you want.

Alternatively, you could always wait until arriving before purchasing the casual dresses and clothing you want. There are a bunch of great boutique shops in Tulum, however the prices can be significantly higher than what you might be able to find online. I would recommend bringing some dresses for Tulum ahead of time, and maybe shopping around once you are there for a beautiful high-quality dress for a souvenir!

Some other beachwear that you may want to consider bringing are sarongs and sun hats. Sarongs are great for walking around your resort, or even hanging out at a beach club for the day. Sun hats can help provide you some sun protection while strolling the beach and keep you looking stylish while walking along the main beach road in Tulum.

The great thing about Tulum is the casual care-free nature – so don’t stress too much about having the perfect outfit. Instead focus on enjoying your vacation and time in this paradise! You can get Tulum dresses and outfits ahead of time, or just buying things there once you arrive. But making a plan ahead of time will help you pack just the right things for your next Tulum vacation and keep you looking great the whole time!