4 Must-Have Fall Beach Clothing Items for Resort Vacations

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While some embrace the cold weather of fall and winter coming, more start planning their fall and winter vacations at luxurious resorts – and deciding what clothing they need! Planning what fall beach clothing you are going to wear is almost as important as planning the trip itself. And everyone needs to treat themselves once and awhile with both!

If you plan on hitting the Caribbean islands or heading south to Mexico, we know exactly what you need. That’s why we put together our list of the 4 must-have clothing items for your next fall or winter resort vacation!



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Adventure Wear for Non-Beach Activities

The thing I look forward to the most when I’m headed on vacation is the activities. It’s the perfect opportunity to try new things, and look good while being comfortable! That’s why having the right adventure wear is a must.

Activities will vary depending on where you are headed, but they could including hiking, climbing, riding all-terrain vehicles – among other things. The first thing you can’t go wrong with bringing is a comfortable pair of sneakers. You may be on your feet for a while when you aren’t at the resort so it’s always a good idea to be ready to walk.

The sun also may be getting weaker as fall and winter continues to come for the North, but it typically stays stronger in the Caribbean and Mexico year-round. Bringing UV-protective clothing like long-sleeve athletic shirts is a great idea to prevent yourself from getting unnecessary sun-damaged skin.

The weather will usually be warmer with whichever resort destination you chose, so I normally pack some athletic shorts, skorts or leggings to keep myself comfortable and cool while I’m doing any activity. All of these are basic necessities for your winter or fall beach vacation clothes.


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Resort Dresses for Meals on the Shore

I must admit I am a foodie…I almost always pick my winter and fall resort vacation destinations based on dining options available at the resort. Experiencing new cuisines, flavors and ingredients is a huge must on my vacation checklist. But also, looking good while I do it. That’s why I always bring a few resort dresses with me when I pack for the beach!

Sometimes its tough to judge the atmosphere of the dining experience before being there, but you never want to under or overdress your look. That’s why I always bring different options that make me feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. A lighter fabric, like linen or cotton gauze, gives that beachy comfort and look while keeping you cool in the process.

If the beach destination you chose gets a little colder, picking a slightly heavier fabric is what you will need to avoid being cold. Picking Autumn beach clothes can be a challenge for some resort destinations so bring options for both colder and warmer nights to avoid feeling unnecessarily chilly.

My preferred destination is the Riviera Maya with the beautiful beaches and dining options like there are in Tulum. The perfect winter or fall beach clothing to pack for me is 2-3 lightweight bohemian dresses, and 1-2 slightly heavier dresses if a cold front comes through!



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Lightweight Coverup Beach Dresses and Sarongs

In between activities and meals, most of the time you’re going to be – you guessed it – at the beach on your winter or fall vacations! Resort wear should be comfortable and fun. Bringing a few lightweight beach dresses or sarongs, can help you feel comfortable in-between catching a tan.

Being comfortable in your own skin is great, but sometimes you don’t want to show everything off to everyone. I like to throw on a little cover when going between my room and the beach, bars, or restaurants during the day. That’s why I created our dresses to keep me feeling comfortable and confident.

Cotton gauze is an easy choice for a beach dress fabric because of how airy and comfortable it is – allowing you to cover up while still providing a ton of breathability. Linen is my next favorite option, but not always the best for super humid climates.

I usually pack 2-3 beach dresses or sarongs for my winter beach vacations. Also, more boho-type destinations like Tulum may help you get away with using your beach dresses for dining or even party dresses – making it easier to get your bag under the airline weight limits.



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Dress for Party Nights Out

Finally, what is a beach vacation without letting go for a little! Hitting a few bars or nightclubs on vacation to dance, drink and meet others enjoying their vacations is part of the fun! That’s why the last piece of your fall beach clothing items always should be some party clothes!

Along with fine dining, I’m fan of trying great cocktails – and usually there are loads of great mixologists at your winter or fall beach destinations. Bringing a cocktail dress or two (or more depending on how much you plan to party), is another necessary piece of resort clothing you will need.

But you don’t always need to be super formal for a party night out on vacation. I personally prefer more casual beach clubs and parties, which also means I get to enjoy more casual dresses while I’m out having a good time. Linen or cotton is another great fabric choice for your beach party dresses in Tulum, Thailand, the Caribbean or whatever winter beach destination you chose!



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Getting Your Packing Right

It is easy to overpack when going on vacation but knowing what you want to do ahead of time can make it much easier. Whether you prefer to soak in the sun, find your next activity or head out every night – having the right winter or fall beach clothing while make your trip more enjoyable. You can’t go wrong if you plan for packing some adventure wear, resort dresses, beach covering or sarongs and party wear to cover all your vacation bases.